Hearing ‘the cloud’ brings a lot to mind for most people. Most businesses understand the importance of migrating to the cloud, but may not understand the full breadth of services that migration offers.

Not only can moving to the cloud provide more collaboration among teams, it also provides peace of mind that important data is being backed-up and safe during a disaster. The many services available to Forefront’s Office 365 Direct Plan members are robust, including email as a service, backup as a service, and more.

Still have questions? Here are some of the benefits of the cloud:

  • Seamlessly manage email and unified communications
  • Remote secure backups in the cloud for peace of mind
  • Simplify application deployments
  • Save critical response time to quickly recover data after a breach
  • Blend on-premise with the cloud

There’s also 99.9% guaranteed uptime and robust file sharing options including with every Office 365 Direct plan. These benefits, combined with the flexible costs and mobility the cloud offers to employees makes migration an easy decision for businesses.

Forefront’s Office 365 Direct program gives you unprecedented access to powerful tools, accelerates employee productivity, and reduces capital expenditures. Contact us to speak to one of our cloud experts today at 216-223-3090, or visit Forefront Cloud for more information.