October marks National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, sponsored in part by the Department of Homeland Security. Cybersecurity attacks have shifted and evolved, and today it’s only a matter of time until the next possible breach occurs. With the pace of cybersecurity threats advancing, it is vital to have a team that understands what threats are on the rise, and Forefront Technology has the experience to handle these threats.

Forefront is committed to bringing the best cybersecurity protection to our clients, particularly through our TotalSecure services. Our team of cybersecurity professionals focuses on identifying issues, protecting businesses, and detecting security threats before they happen.

Some of the benefits of our approach:

  • Tailored service options allow you to customize security services
  • Centralized security monitoring of cloud, on premise and hybrid environments
  • Vendor-agnostic, compliance-driven modular platform with maximum flexibility and scalability
  • Efficient integration of multiple third-party security tools, systems, devices and applications
  • Behavioral-and signature-based monitoring
  • Extensive event correlation library
  • Fully staffed 24/7 in-house Security Operations Center (SOC) that augment internal security teams and reduce operational costs
  • Log capture, analysis and archiving capabilities
  • Customer security dashboard with comprehensive reporting and automated ticketing systems
  • Incident response and forensic capabilities
  • Audit logging and reporting to satisfy regulatory guidelines across several industries, including HIPAA, PCI / OSA, GLBA / FFIEC, and more

Cybersecurity threats are impacting every sector and industry, and it’s an issue that every business should keep in mind. To set up an assessment, contact us today at 216-223-3090 or visit us online at Forefront Managed Security.