Considering the Human Element in Security

The primary concern when it comes to migrating to the cloud? For most CIOs and CISOs, the answer is simple: Security.

In the financial industry, that notion held strong, were security was the primary consideration. Over the years though, the industry has adapted to the cloud. In 2018 alone, the industry is looking to spend $4 billion on finance-specific cloud offerings, according to IDC.

Some other key findings from that IDC report:

  • Number of major data security breaches each year: 1,700
  • Average cost of data breach for financial services form: $7 billion
  • Average number of records lost in a security breach: 28, 512

Keeping your data secure while migrating to the cloud is a top priority. One of the many benefits of migrating is improving security through the cloud. Finding the right cloud partner can ensure that the migration process is smooth, and secure. Forefront Technology has helped many organizations migrate to the cloud and provided tailored solutions to the organization’s needs.

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