The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to develop a strong remote working procedure. It is not easy to support interaction between members of the organization virtually as well as ensuring security is top of mind. Forefront’s Modern Workplace Services solution uses the capabilities of Microsoft 365 to create the most comprehensive roadmap for adoption and implementation.

Step 1: The Core

Every company has unique business objectives but there are common foundational components required for any successful Microsoft 365 deployment. These include basic identity protections, multi-factor authentication, single sign on, and privileged identity management.

Step 2: Productivity and Collaboration

Once the core components are enabled, the organization can focus on the productivity and collaboration solutions available in the Microsoft 365 bundle. This includes SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Teams.

Step 3: Data Security

Microsoft 365 addresses the shifting security landscape by protecting identity, devices, and data. Devices and data are secured by the implementation of Microsoft Intune and Azure Information Protection (AIP)

Step 4: Advanced Protection

Once the primary components have been established, focus can be turned to the enhanced protections included in our ForefrontSECURE bundle. In addition to “protection”, a complete security posture requires an organization to be able to detect, respond, and remediate cyber security breaches utilizing managed security operations.


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