Core Infrastructure

Think of us as your network’s best friend.

Cloud infrastructure is on the rise, with “X” as a service” as the solution to all corporate networking and business needs. Employees want access to all their services and applications from any device. While these topics may fall under Security, Data Center and Mobility, all are reliant on your Core Infrastructure.

Our core infrastructure practice is built on the following:

  • Best in Class Vendors
  • Non-Vertically Aligned Architecture
  • Deeply Rooted in Network Quality
  • Integrated with Enterprise Security, Mobility and Data Center Standard Practices


  • Core/Edge/Campus Switching
  • Core/Edge Routing
  • vCPE and VNF Solutions


  • Ubiquitous Wifi Coverage supporting Unified Communications and the Mobile Workforce
  • Large Public Venue (LPV) high density Wifi for Stadiums, Arenas and Convention Centers
  • Wireless Workplace Solutions


  • BGP Peering and Exchange Point Design
  • VPN and MEF Design and Implementations
  • Infrastructure Based VFN Implementations
  • Network Caching Design and Implementation


  • Data Center Interconnects
  • Provider Backbone, Edge, Last Mile Access, and CPE
  • Fiber to the Home
  • LTE Back-haul