Monitoring the security of critical information and infrastructure is a challenge for most organizations. As more of the workforce is working from home, the boundaries of our organizations are expanding. The COVID-19 pandemic has made everything go online and hackers are continually evolving their tactics and techniques. In contrast, security professionals are playing catch-up while having to adhere to ever changing compliance and regulatory requirements. Organizations are being challenged to do more with less and while the need for security professionals grows, significant security personnel shortages are still widespread. The cost and pains of securing the organization are the only constant today. These pains are further exacerbated as organizations rush to deploy technologies to help support our move to remote workforces.  

The ForefrontSECURE Security Operations Center can provide a range of services including full security detection platform management and 24/7 real-time security monitoring for events, breaches, incidents, and alerts that affect the security of your assets. Information is pulled in from a combination of network discovery and vulnerability assessment systems, risk and compliance systems, log management systems, penetration testing tools, firewalls, threat intelligence feeds, host antivirus systems, web security appliances, email security appliances, etc. Its main purpose is to protect sensitive customer data and secure intellectual property.  Our SOC provides monitoring coverage of critical SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS providing security protection across all organizational application and systems. All client security data is augmented by over 40 threat intelligence feeds and benefits from our over 200 custom correlation rules and threat hunting analytics.  SOC Analysts and Engineers work closely to drive continuous improvement through incident playbooks and automation creation to meet client use cases. Clients are kept informed of the security state in frequent service reviews where all aspects of the client’s organization and needs are discussed.

Our SOC services are available in three different tiers. These various tiers of offerings allow organizations to maximize existing controls and resources. Our services are designed to become an extension of your team and significantly improve your security posture. 

MONITOR:24/7 x 365 monitoring of events from our certified US based and Forefront Technology owned and staffed Security Operations Center. Customers gain visibility through our fully managed, industry leading SIEM platform and access to our knowledgeable security experts.

MONITOR AND RESPOND: Combined with the alerting processes of our Monitoring offering, Monitor and Response adds threat hunting and security event investigation. Monitor and response clients also receive detailed Root Cause Analysis reports to help assist in the remediation and recovery efforts.

MONITOR, RESPOND AND PROTECT: In addition to monitoring and investigating security events, “Monitor, Respond, and Protect” services include best effort remediation of security issues on client assets. This provides complete coverage through the security event lifecycle.

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